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  • Don't Be Bear Food

    When you go out camping, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. You’re surrounded by the wilderness and anything it can throw at you. That means you owe it to yourself to have protection. If you’re camping with family or friends, be the one in the group who’s always prepared. The forest is full of all sorts of animals. Some of them are adorable and harmless like squirrels and chipmunks. However, there are also more dangerous creatures out there. While we may have grown up cuddling teddy bears in our beds, the real thing is far from adorable and can kill or maim you with a single swipe of its claw.

    Keep yourself protected with Guard Alaska Bear Spray. When you run into a bear, you will definitely be outmatched. Bears can weigh almost 2000 pounds. You won’t be able to handle one head-on. They have sharp teeth and claws that can rip you to shreds if they sink into your body. Make sure to run and don’t try to fight the bear. This animal repellent can help put some distance between you and the animal. When you spray the bear, its vision will be obstructed so it will have a hard time going after you. This will provide you with ample opportunity to get away.

    Guard Alaska Bear Spray is ultra-hot pepper spray formulated for repelling bears. It’s a strong formulation guaranteed to get bears away from you. No matter the kind of bear, this animal repellent won’t let you down. Whether you’re dealing with a brown bear drawn to your campsite by the smell of food or a black bear aiming to take you down for pitching your tent too close to its territory, you can use this animal repellent to give you the chance at a clean exit without killing the animal. After all, we’re the ones intruding on their habitat. We owe them respect.

    This spray takes the environment into consideration. Along with providing an alternative to killing the bear, it’s also safe for the atmosphere. This spray is non-flammable so there’s no possibility of you setting off a forest fire and destroying acres of valuable forest. This spray also lacks any components that could damage the ozone layer. That means this spray is safe and won’t contribute to the growing problem of global warming. When Guard Alaska formulated this product, they took Mother Nature into consideration. This spray is meant to serve its purpose and nothing more. No collateral damage to the surrounding wilderness will result from using this product. It’s purely a protective measure against bears.

    Next time you go on a camping trip, don’t forget to pack a bottle of Guard Alaska Bear Spray. It comes in a can that can contain nine ounces so you’re never in danger of running out. It also offers the protection of being able to shoot from a long range. You can use this spray even if you’re as far as twenty feet away from the huge animal barreling towards you. This can mean the difference between life and death. Don’t pitch your tent in the woods without having this product in your arsenal for protection.

  • Trusty Doorstop Alarm

    Everybody knows that going on a much awaited vacation can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Exciting because there are places to visit and beautiful sights to see, and nerve wracking because leaving home means that nobody is going to look after the house and it is going to be completely empty. Having canines for pets is even more of a reason to get nervous. Some owners would just bring their pets on the trip while others will be continuously wondering if it is indeed humane to leave their dogs at home. Sure these animals can bark all they want. But the thing is, if intruders plan on trespassing in your house, there’s only so much that dogs can do. The thought of these animals getting harmed also cause the owners to bring their animals to pet hotels or relatives which, ultimately, leaves the house empty, unmanned and susceptible to intruders.

    Your vacation still isn’t a lost cause, however. Now, with the use of the Super Door Stop Alarm you can easily scare trespassers away from your home! The Super Door Stop Alarm works like a regular door stop. The only difference is that, trying to open the door will sound a 120db alarm on. 120db is as loud as a rock concert amplifier, a stereo or a chainsaw. That’s pretty loud and could scare most anyone who would attempt to enter your premises without permission. You can even give yourself a fright with this one! The Super Door Stop Alarm stops when the applied pressure on the plate is released. The plate is pressure sensitive so it can easily detect unwanted and forced entry to your home. Aside from the alarm, the Super Door Stop Alarm doubles as a door jamb making entry in your home difficult for the intruder. This door stop jams the door so that opening it would prove to be futile. Climbing through the windows is not an option as it is a dead giveaway, so intruders would know better than to pursue entrance to your house. The Super Door Stop is a great way to provide your home with security from people with bad intentions.

    Using this door stop not only works when you’re away. If you are staying at home and you’re alone, it’s a great way of making sure that nobody will try to enter your house. Using this device can give you enough time to call the authorities about an attempted break in. Remember, if the people at your door are people you actually know, they would knock or call out your name. Only intruders will force their way in. Be very wary and alert if this ever happens to you. Take note that more than anything else your safety is most important. Especially during the quiet moments at night, do remember to put the door stop in place. It is not going to warn you when it’s kept in the basement or under your bed unpacked. Keep in mind that these devices will only be useful to you if you remember to use them in the first place.

  • Diversion Safes

    If thieves have ever broken into your home, then you surely are one of those people who can attest how frustrating and infuriating it is to have items you have worked so hard for taken from you in the blink of an eye. Criminals like these do not care how long you saved for a specific item, or whether it has a sentimental value. If they want it, they will take it from you. What’s sad is that these crimes often leave you with nothing to continue with. It’s very common to find victims at
    lost for words because the thieves took everything they ever had including savings, a wedding ring, a family heirloom. As long as it has monetary value, these criminals just won’t stop. However, the choice is not ultimately theirs. It‘s time you got ahead of the game and consider getting diversion safes.

    Diversion safes are exactly that, safes that divert attention away from them.  You might ask how this is done. Diversion safes give you the liberty of concealing any valuable item that you have while taking an entirely worthless form. For instance, some diversion safes come in the form of a soda can. Sure you can’t hide hundreds of bills in it, but it is a great place for keeping jewelry.  You have to admit, if you were the thief you’d never take a second look at a soda can lying around in a dirty room. Diversion safes have been in use for quite some time now. Quite sadly though, very few have opted to use this brilliant idea for securing their valuable belongings. Many people still prefer the old fashion safes because they claim it to be more reliable with the codes and locks. However, if you really think about it, this is also a complete giveaway to thieves. The moment these heartless criminals see that you have a safe like that, they would know that you are keeping high value items or even cash in there. Remember that to have bypassed your initial security measures these people would have to be really experienced ones.  For experienced thieves, there is no such thing as a wall mounted safe or passwords or heavy locks.  The more you hesitate to give in, the higher the chances of them hurting you.


    These safes can also come in the form of a book or a jar. Some even go as much as making large paintings to conceal their items. Another great safe idea is to use power outlets as storage. Now that is one place where thieves are really unlikely to look. Basically, the idea is to conceal your valuables while keeping it in plain sight! The more exposed it is the less likely the thieves are going to consider it worth stealing. But remember, things don’t have to come to that. Before anything else, prioritize your house’s overall security so thieves, to begin with, will never have the chance to see your safes.



    It doesn’t even have to happen to you; when you hear about hard earned money or items being stolen or small thriving businesses broken into, one just simply wants to help out in bagging the culprit. The more the economy worsens, the more people are losing homes, jobs and many other things. It is a sad fact that to be able to provide to a starving family, one man may enter the criminal path where there is indeed no way out. The cause may be good, but in no way is stealing justifiable. These victims work hard to put food on their table. Most of them work non stop to ensure continuous flow of resources no matter how tough the times are. So what’s keeping these criminals from doing the same? The answers are beyond anybody’s thinking. The only thing that you can be sure of is that the moment hunger knocks on these people’s doors, there is no saying whether you will be safe from their wrongdoings or not.


    It’s not even safe to say that only big businesses are candidates for thievery. Even small houses are being attacked, in the hopes of finding something even minutely valuable. It can be your neighbor’s house, your sister’s or yours. The threat will always be there, but you can do something to get a lot of steps ahead these bad people. Now, you can find security by equipping your place with an Auto Dialer with Security/Safety Alarm. The Auto Dialer with Security/Safety Alarm utilizes an infrared system which is very unique; as it detects motion in your specified area. The moment it detects movement, an alarm will sound at a whopping 105db and 5 phone numbers set by you will receive calls. 105db is comparable to the sound of a jackhammer, a helicopter or a subway train. That kind of noise won’t go unnoticed. Setting up the Auto Dialer with Security/Safety Alarm is a breeze. You just need batteries (9 volt), and then you need to connect the phone line and the AC adaptor. Just mount the Auto Dialer with Security/Safety Alarm where you want the area monitored at roughly 4-6 feet from the floor and voila! You now have a reliable alarm system that requires no monthly fess whatsoever.


    Other features include a large display which shows you the generic time and date. The LCD also shows when you need to change your batteries. You also have the option to change the alarm to chime settings. This is more of a subtle alarm. You can use this when you are at the vicinity and you just wish to know whether people are coming in or out. This is most useful when placed very near the entrance of your house or your shop. You have controls over the security code so no one else can turn the alarm on and off. The sensor head can also be easily adjusted so you can accurately highlight the area you want protected. The Auto Dialer with Security/Safety Alarm is really a great way of providing protection to your house or office even when you are away.

  • Pepper Spray for the Car

    Mothers have always been known for their tendencies to worry about things they don't need to worry about. A few months ago a friend moved to a new city. Her mom was convinced that her new neighborhood wasn't safe and that she was going to get mugged or raped. She assured her mother that she was safe but mom was really worried. For my friend’s birthday her mom bought her pepper spray for the car. A few days later she was looking for something in her purse when a man opened her door. She grabbed her can of pepper spray and sprayed it in his face.  Was he surprised!

  • Her Personal Alarm

    Many people like to jog at night after work.  It is tough to always jog while it is still light out so that we can be fairly sure we are safe. A few weeks ago a friend got home late from work and even though it was getting dark decided to go for a jog. She grabbed the personal alarm key chain that her husband bought for her and attached it to her shorts. About five minutes into her jog she sensed someone approaching from behind. Just as he reached for her she activated her alarm. Several neighbors came to see what the problem was and the would-be attacker fled.

  • Safety Devices for Personal Protection

    There are many reasons to fear walking around alone in the world today. Unfortunately, the crime rate is high in about every city you visit. Whether you are walking out of your office building at the end of the day, or walking to your car in a parking garage after shopping all evening, there is a chance that you will be approached by a dangerous situation. In order to defend yourself, there are many things that you can purchase to assist in your personal protection. Personal alarm key chains may just be the convenient product that you should carry with you at all times.


    For your personal protection, something as simple as a keychain can mean the difference in your getting hurt or staying safe in a bad situation. These keychain personal alarm devices are useful because you carry them with you basically any time you travel by attaching them to your key chain. Personal alarm devices such as this offer you a sense of self-assurance and security. Just a simple pull of the pin that is attached and the device is set off, making a loud alarm to scare an offender away. Some of these alarms come equipped with a flashing light as well that is useful in the dark. The keychain personal alarm device that is offered by Maximum Safety Products is small and lightweight. It requires you to install the batteries, and then you are all set.


    There are other portable handy products offered for personal protection by Maximum Safety Products as well. These include a mini alarm with clip, or a mace and screecher alarm; both for a reasonable price. Another keychain personal alarm product offered by this company is the electronic pocketwhistle. This personal protection merchandise offered by Maximum Safety Products is very easy to use. To scare a predator away, all you need to do is push a button. The whistle is extremely loud, and will sound until you release the button.  The electronic pocket whistle is only four inches long, and does require the use of four batteries that are included with your purchase.  This device is great for kids who walk home
    from school. If they have this key chain personal alarm device handy, you can rest assured that they are safe on their walk home. You just never know what kind of danger you will face when out in the world alone. There are also other
    convenient uses for this whistle such as dog handling, traffic use, or even for a referee. Instead of blowing on the whistle, you simply push the button.


    Protect yourself from crime by purchasing merchandise from Maximum Safety Products. Whether you purchase a key chain personal alarm, or an electronic whistle, they both will help ensure that you and your family are safe when away from home. Maximum Safety Products has everything you need for personal protection.

  • Protecting Your Home with Wireless Motion Sensors

    No matter where you live, there is always a chance that there is a predator prowling in your area. He could be looking to steal something from your home, or he may have bad intentions of causing you and your family personal harm. The world today is unpredictable,and unfortunately crime rates are soaring, even in nice neighborhoods. Do not allow your home to be unprotected; the safety of your family is extremely important. Many people simply think that it just will not happen to them. This is usually not the case; crime happens to everyone, rich or poor for many different reasons. Some crime is completely random and could happen when you are least expecting it. Maximum Safety Products has a lot of convenient and
    affordable merchandise to offer that can provide you and your family a sense of security and personal protection when used.


    One product that works exceptionally well to protect your home from danger is a wireless motion sensor. The HomeSafe Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor may be just the perfect product that you are looking for to keep your home safe and secured. In fact, with this unique product, motion can be detected from an amazing eight meters away. This means if someone is prowling outside trying to peek into your windows, you will be aware of the danger right away. Many people place these wireless motion sensors at every door and window in their home, while others only have the use for one or two of these devices.


    For the personal protection of your family, this product has a 110 degree motion detection angle. So if someone is trying to be sneaky, this product will likely still alert you and scare the predator away. Additionally, this wireless motion sensor has an astonishing radio frequency that can range up to 300 feet. When this wireless motion sensor is triggered, the alarm will be activated to protect your family. If someone is lurking around your home, it is likely that they will run off and not be heard from again. They will know that you have a personal protection device and your home is secured.


    Additionally, this motion sensor is super portable and convenient. You can use it on any window or door in your home or office. The HomeSafe Wireless Motion Sensor is an affordable product that fits into everyone’s budget. For the low price of $24.95, your home can soon be protected from the danger that is lurking in the dark. Whether you need one wireless motion sensor, or four, at this rate your purchase does not put a strain on the checkbook. Maximum Safety Products  strives to provide you with top of the line products for your personal protection. Order your wireless motion sensor today at

  • Biking Safety

    Biking is a great form of exercise. Many of us do it to keep in shape and  stay healthy. Often towns and cities establish bike paths so that bikers will  not have to contend with automobile traffic and other distractions. Even though  we have taken precautions to protect cyclists, surprising and tragic events can  still often occur. We need to be prepared when they do.

    There was a news article recently about a woman who was attacked while riding  her bike on a local bike path. The article noted that this was only one of  several incidents that had happened on that bike path in recent years. The bike  rider said that she has seen the man earlier in the day. We know if she saw him,  he certainly saw her, and probably began to make plans at that time to assault  her later in the day when it was safer for him. A person riding alone can be an  easy target. Cyclists, in general, can be very vulnerable. It doesn't take much  to push over a riding cyclist and gain the upper hand. The police offered  suggestions for safer biking throughout the area. First and foremost, bike in  pairs or groups. Someone is less likely to be attacked if there are other people  around. Keep your cell phone handy and be sure your 911 capability is  activated.

    Also, you might want to carry something for self-protection such as pepper  spray, a TASER, or a stun gun. The legality of TASERS and stun guns varies from  state to state, and you would be best off checking the laws of your state of  residence. Pepper spray is legal in all fifty states. However, some states  control it a more than others. Keep your pepper spray in a handy place. You do  not want to be fumbling around for it when time is of the essence and someone is  attempting to attack you. Pepper spray is the perfect deterrent against an  attack. First of all, it is non-lethal; you will not kill anyone. Secondly, the  attacker does not need to be real close to you for it to work. Most sprays will  shoot out about ten to fifteen feet.

  • Safety at Home

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are people who wish to do us  harm. The police can not be everywhere and certainly not in our home when  trouble occurs. So, it is up to us to take the necessary steps to protect  ourselves and our loved ones. There are some simple and inexpensive precautions  we can take to ensure our safety at home. While no situation is foolproof, we  can certainly make it extremely difficult for an intruder to harm us.

    Closed circuit cameras can monitor our property and the entrances to our  home. These systems are not as expensive as one might believe. Then again, what  are your personal safety and your valuables worth to you. You can monitor the  cameras through a closed circuit screen or your computer. Some of them are  easily installed and you could probably install them yourself. For others, you  might need some professional installation help.

    There are home alarms, both wired and wireless, which you can install  yourself in or outside your home. You can set one to beep whenever a car enters  your driveway. There is even an alarm which will call up to five preset numbers  when an intruder enters your home. There is also a telephone which will call a  preset number (perhaps your cell phone) when motion is sensed within your home.  It will allow you to listen for thirty seconds to what is going on within your  home, so that you can determine if it is just your son or daughter coming home  from college while you were away, or if it were truly an unwanted intruder.

    Many types of hidden cameras can be place in your home to record what goes on  while you are away. There are cameras that are hidden in air fresheners, in  clocks, and in a variety of other objects. You can employ a nanny cam in your  baby's room to keep an eye on his caregiver when you are not at home.

    All these are useful tools which will provide you with some protection  against transgressors. You need to decide which is best for you. You may need  more than one type of intruder alert. Study them all and make your own  decision.

    Finally, there is the personal defensive product if you are ever accosted in  your home or in the street. Think about getting pepper spray. It comes in many  different types of hidden forms, such as, lipstick pepper spray, or pepper spray  concealed in running weights,

    If it is not illegal in your state or community, you might want to consider a  stun gun or TASER. These can be highly effective against attackers, but check  out your local laws first. Items like a kubotan or the heart attack are east to  carry and quite effective. Both of them can be attached to your keychain so that  you can have them right at your fingertips. Both are perfectly legal and are  used to defend yourself against an assailant.

    All in all, there are a myriad of ways available to protect yourself and your  home. Which is best for you? To help you answer this question, you may want to  visit Maximum Safety Products at

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